Walton rm4 plus mobile phone review and specification

Again Bangladeshileading mobile phone company to release an amazing device Walton Primo RM4 plus smartphone. We analyze that the phone is the updated version of Walton Primo RM4. After release, the previous version Walton decide to release the phone. Here we are present the specification of the Walton Primo RM4 plus mobile in the short article.

Walton RM4 plus review and description

The phone looks pretty similar like then RM and the phone have 5-inch display. There is an information table that I give below. Check it to know more of details. Hope it will help you to know smoothly.
The phone have a 5 inch IPS display. It is coating with gorilla protection. Version 3. 16m colors are supported on the display.
There are 3GB ram and 16 GB phone memory. Walton does not do any penury to give large memory.
There are a 2500mAh removable li-polymer battery on the device.
Most of important sensor like fingerprint, compass and light sensor are available here. No gravity sensor are found.
Primary panel are improve with 5 megapixel camera. Secondary part have 13 megapixel camera. Both camera have BSI sensor and flash light.
The price of Walton RM4 plus in Bangladeshi market are not announced yet.
Without that facility, the phone have OTG and OTI support. Faster Bluetooth, WI-Fi and 4G connection and other modern network service are available on the device. Dual SIM supported, and the camera is much better than Symphony p6 camera. After Jorge the phone, my opinion is that it is better than Walton Primo D8 and it will make a sweet crowd in the market.

If you get the phone, you should not get tension about the memory. Because there is a massive memory space on the phone. Anyone can install games or apps quickly. Even the display are also great. It is not curve and protected from scratch. Don’t forget to check the Intel core i3 processor price In Bangladesh on our website.


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