Walton Primo D8 mobile full specification and price in Bangladesh

Walton Primo D8 mobile full specification and price in Bangladesh

This winter will be a fantastic time for fans of Walton. Because Walton brings a new handset in low price named Walton Primo D8 and is have few important feature. The mobile phone make after thinking about the market of Bangladesh. After analysis the specification and features, we become sure that the phone will release in upcoming winter and for the people who are looking for a mobile phone in at cheap rate. This time, we are going to share the detail information about the handset on the smart technology website. Stay reading.

Walton Primo D8 mobile review and price in Bangladesh

We notice the fact that the phone have fantastic outlook. The side panel is built with metal finish. And back part is also attractive. The front panel is also amazing with the 4.0-inch display. Importantly the smartphone support third generation network, and it’s a great facility.

Outlook, display and network specification of Primo D8

  • Outlook: the outlook is outstanding. The length of the phone is 4.7 inch. Both of front and back part are built with the camera and flashlight. There are four different color D8 available in Bangladeshi market at the same price and configuration. Silver, gray, rose and rose gold are those colors. The back part is not made by metal finish like the sidebar.
  • Display: Walton Primo D8 does not have a large display. A 4.0-inch display with Mira visiontechnology is added here. No scratch protected system are not found. But we discover that the screen is made with WVGA and multi-touch supported capacitive touch screen.
  • Network: Never give a shit that a cheap phone. Because the phone support 3G and video calling are enabled here. Backdated second generation internet also available. On only Wi-Fi and hotspot are also works on the device. As usual, HTML5 browsers are here for web browsing.


Walton Primo D8 camera and memory

  • Camera: Both of primary and secondary cam are available.  You will be disappointed after knowing that the front cam is a VGA camera. It is not able to capture image more the .3 megapixel. And talking over Skype are also be a burden for the low front camera. The primary part has the 5-megapixel cam with not so unique feature. Zoom and flash light facility are found. If you were looking for a smartphone with a good camera, then check symphony p6 camera.
  • Memory: It is quite impossible to use lots of software on the phone for its poor ram. There are only 512 Ram are worked on the phone. But the phone memory (ROM) are pretty large. It’s about 8GB. We have to inform you that the phone support 32GB micro SD card.

Operating system, battery and body feature of Walton D8

  • Operating system:This is the definite point that Android marshmallow OS runs the phone.
  • Battery: There is no authoritative power source on Walton Primo D8 smartphone. Only 1300mAh battery are process all the work of the smartphone.
  • Body feature: at the slot of GPU there are Mali 400 GPU what is simply like shit. 1.3 GHz Quad-core process all the work of the smartphone. Both of GPU and processor are pretty weak.

Walton Primo D8 price in Bangladesh is 2,750 taka


If you were able to increase the budget, then I have a suggestion that avoids the phone. You can check TCL mobile price in Bangladesh. They have few products what are excellent on their specification and price.

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